Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC

Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC

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215 N. Center
# 701
San Antonio, TX 78202 USA

Phone: 956/645-5265

Southwest Synergistic Solutions is a San Antonio, TX, company that in conjunction with Special Operations (JSOC) medics developed and patented a new method and simple device for triaging patients during night time or adverse conditions. In the past responders relied on a piece of paper and there was no equipment designed for night time triage scenarios. The medic's problem was carrying four different bags of chemical lights, being shot at and having to attend to the wounded soldiers. It was just too much equipment and time, there had to be a better way. So the E/T Light was born. It is ideal for night time use, mass casualty incidents, extended mass casualty incidents, tactical (active shooter) scenarios and battlefield situations. The E/T LIGHT® is simple to use, easy to carry, customizable, reusable, highly visible from a distance (covert/overt), is combat-proven and has been used in actual mass casualty situations.

In a scenario involving contamination of any sort, first responders use the solid color selection to indicate the triage condition of the non-contaminated patients and use the flashing triage color selection to identify the contaminated patients.

Beyond its original military triage application, the E/T Light® is perfect for the training, marking trails into and out of ranches when responding to rural calls, personel identifiers (friend or foe), IED marking, TCCC, active shooter situations, etc. Stop throwing away money every time you crack a chemical stick and save the landfill space.

Southwest Synergistic Solutions is minority owned and is proud to serve our military and first responder community.

E/T Lights Versions 1, 2, 3 and 4

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