LifeScience PLUS develops and markets innovative medical products for the wound care industry. Our BloodSTOP® hemostatic products address an unmet need for faster and more effective control of bleeding, one of the most vital aspects of patient care. A growing community of medical professionals around the world including surgeons, paramedics, sports physicians and dentists consider LifeScience PLUS the go-to company for advanced wound care solutions that are safe, fast-acting and cost-effective.

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BloodSTOP iX Hemostatic Agent

Product From LifeSciencePLUS

BloodSTOP iX is a natural, biocompatible, non-irritating, animal-free hemostatic agent which resembles traditional gauze. Using a proprietary formulation, cotton cellulose is etherized and oxidized to make a highly absorbent, hydrophilic, water-soluble, bioresorbable matrix. BloodSTOP iX is designed for medical use, being highly biocompatible. It can be used in internal surgery in markets that recognize the European Union CE certification and is market cleared in the U.S. for surface wound hemostasis only. Applications include general surgery, ENT procedures, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and many other surgical and post-surgical procedures.

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Product From LifeSciencePLUS
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