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Founded in 1984, Card Imaging is a leader in providing plastic card printing systems, including secure card printer/encoders, materials, software and printing services. The company has sold more than 1,000 systems in the U.S. and abroad. Card Imaging card issuance systems reduce the potential for loss of time, money and lives by continually improving ease of use and security of identity credentials. We provides physical, information and transaction security for a wide variety of applications and industries. Based in the Chicago suburbs, Card Imaging provides professional service and support through our toll free hot line and on site installation team.

Our customers use Card Imaging systems to create personalized cards for a wide variety of applications:

  • Membership cards: Access control to facility; check membership status or special priviledges; employee ID
  • Corporate: Access control; time and attendance tracking; employee identification; parking passes
  • Education: Student and staff identification; stored value for bookstores and cafeterias; library cards; access control
  • Law enforcement: Employee identification and child ID systems.
  • Transportation: Bus and train passes; airport security; employee identification
  • Hospitality: Access to events, hotel rooms or exclusive privileges; stored value for gaming, restaurants and shops
  • Retail and Recreation: Customer loyalty and discount cards; park passes; ski lift passes.
  • 2400 Davey Road
  • Woodridge, IL 60517
  • Phone: 630/739-6546
  • Toll Free: 800/347-9089
  • Fax: 630/739-6536
  • Website:

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Photo ID Card Systems

Product From Card Imaging

For 25 years, Card Imaging has provided photo ID card systems for first responders. Complete photo ID card systems are $1,295 and include everything you need to produce professional grade ID cards. Print directly onto durable plastic cards in seconds. There's no need to cut or laminate. The system includes a plastic card printer, ID card software, printing supplies, first responders card designs and technical support with your installation.

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