Doty Belt, LLC

Doty Belt, LLC

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The Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness gives first responders and caregivers the ability to lift and move people without putting themselves in the position of possibly injuring their back. When used properly, this device aids in moving heavy individuals as well as assisting people to walk.

  • 8260 Brianna Court
  • Sacramento, CA 95829
  • Phone: 916/698-2551
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Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness

Product From Doty Belt, LLC

The Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness was created to provide patient and provider safety, while preserving patient dignity and well-being. The ergonomic advantage the Doty Belt provides for lifting and maneuvering heavy, elderly and bariatric patients reduces the risk of back injury for providers and increases security for patients.

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