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BioStat, LLC


Offering solutions to stop moderate, severe and even life threatening bleeding. The Celox RAPID has proved itself to be an effective emergency hemostatic dressing and able to control traumatic hemorrhage as experienced in emergency service and military field applications. It is easy to use and carry and has been shown in laboratory testing to be effective in clotting hypothermic blood.

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Celox RAPID Hemostatic Bandage

Product From BioStat, LLC

Celox RAPID is an innovative hemostat dressing targeted primarily at the military, tactical, law enforcement and emergency medical services markets.

Celox RAPID can be used to control severe bleeding faster than other hemostat dressings. With faster packing and faster compression, up to three minutes can be saved on caring for a casualty. Saving time increases the chances of survival for the casualty and for the whole team in a hostile or emergency situation.

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