LOLA Advanced Assessment

LOLA Advanced Assessment

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The cutting edge Lola Stethoscope is designed for everyone from nursing students, to medical professionals and veterinarians.

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LOLA Advanced Assessment stethoscope

Product From LOLA Advanced Assessment

The LOLA Advanced Assessment stethoscope is an innovative tool that combines multiple patient assessment tools into one package: the stethoscope, penlight, pupil gauge and ruler. Each stethoscope comes with a clear set of comfortable earbuds, three extra pairs of earbuds and an extra battery for the light. The stethoscope head is stainless steel, and the tympanum is a clear plastic. A push button located conveniently on the top of the head activates the LED light. A pupil gauge with examples of pupil sizes from 1–8 mm is located right on the LOLA stethoscopes non-latex tubing, making it easy to see and use. There’s also a 40 cm ruler printed on the tube, complete with millimeter markings.

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