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The Practi-Seal line of products are designed to promote the use of medical chest seals and familiarize EMS, law enforcement and military personnel with the indications and use of medical chest seals in the training setting.

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Product From Practi-Seal

PRACTI-SEAL and SIMU-SEAL are inexpensive, non-medical, practice chest seal devices employed by military, law enforcement and EMS personnel to improve repetitive task transfer in managing sucking chest wounds. The two-pack version allows for the practice treatment of both entry and exit wounds, and simulates tear open medical seals, such as HALO and Hyfin. PRACTI-SEAL U.S.A. and SIMU-SEAL U.S.A. come in single packs that mimic peel-open seals, such as Asherman, Bolin and SAM. PRACTI-SEAL and SIMU-SEAL eliminate the discomfort and hair loss experienced when removing medical chest seals from hair covered skin during training.

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