National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP)

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National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP)

Phone: 913/895-4611

Members: 1,200

Membership: NAEMSP is an organization of physicians and other professional partnering to provide leadership and foster excellence in out-of-hospital emergency medical services.

Goals: Developing guidelines and strategies to reduce and prevent discomfort, disability and death in the community. Defining roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability of EMS physicians. Promoting communication and cooperation among EMS professionals. Defining the unique body of medical knowledge of prehospital and disaster medicine. Promoting cost-effective programs and interventions that optimize patient outcomes. Advocating or initiating public policy for optimal emergency medical care. Encouraging and supporting quality EMS research. Providing forums for definition and debate of EMS issues. Encouraging and promoting career development, longevity and professional well-being of EMS professionals. Defining and promoting ethical principles in the delivery of out-of-hospital emergency care.

Publications:  NAEMSP® News; Annual Report; PEC Journal