National Native American EMS Association (NNAEMSA)

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National Native American EMS Association (NNAEMSA)

Phone: 828/736-0885

It is the mission of the National Native American EMS Association to support the efforts of all EMS, rescue, and Public Safety organizations who provide services on Native American and Alaska lands. It is clearly understood by the NNAEMSA that strong support of these agencies will result in significant improvements in the quality of patient care to all people within each EMS service district. The provision of the highest quality services to Native American and non-Native American people alike is the highest priority of the members and the officers of the National Native American Emergency Medical Services Association.

NNAEMSA will provide the following services:

  • A collective voice to represent the views of the members to government leaders and funding agencies.
  • A yearly education conference, which will address the continuing education needs of EMS providers serving Native American and Alaska Natives people. This conference will provide a forum, in which members can openly discuss any EMS, rescue, or Public Safety issues.
  • A communication medium utilizing modern telecommunications technology to connect members with the organization leadership, each other, and experts in Emergency Services.

Membership: Active membership in NNAEMSA is open to persons who are actively providing EMS to Native American communities and to all native American licensed or certified EMS personnel and first responders. Associate memberships are available for those not qualifying for Active membership.