The Barf Bib Company

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The Barf Bib Company

Company Details:
3933 Canning Ave.
San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619/709-3892

The Barf Bib Company was developed by an EMT and a paramedic working in the busy city of San Diego, CA. The pair worked on one of the most active ALS ambulances in the city. Averaging 9–12 transports in a 12 hour shift. Within a 12 hour shift the crew would average 3–4 hours total out of service time, either because they had an unsteady emesis basin that spilled or because a patients condition has caused them to vomit uncontrollably. This was of great concern due to the significant cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance and vital equipment that is used for patient care. A patients vomit can contain thousands of germs and potential diseases. The BB08 was developed with the professional provider in mind. It could save you time and money and keep you safe.

  • Infection Control
    The Barf Bib 08(BB08) was designed out of real need. The need was to reduce the exposure to a persons bodily fluids while riding in the back of a moving ambulance ...Continue Reading