EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.

EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.

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Rising health care costs and budget constraints have made efficient health care financing more important than ever before. EMS is no exception. Today, EMS financing has become increasingly competitive and complex for both privately and publicly supported systems.

Fortunately, the rising cost of providing emergency medical services can be offset with improved methods of billing and cost recovery. At EMS Management & Consultants, Inc., we meet these financial demands and far exceed them by anticipating the evolving changes in reimbursements and the cost recovery challenges ahead – that’s our vision. This focused devotion and forward thinking gives us a unique perspective on both industry requirements as well as your agency’s current and future needs.

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Founded in 1996, EMS Management & Consultants, Inc. is now one of the Nation’s leading experts in EMS billing and reimbursement management. We currently serve over 125 EMS agencies, comprised of Volunteer Fire/Rescue Squads, City/County EMS Systems and Private ambulance services.

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