LifeSaver App, LLC

Company Details:
80 Juniper Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336

Phone: 928/203-0854
Fax: 928/204-5572

Lifesaver App®, LLC is a Sedona, AZ- and Louisville, KY-based Managed Health Records™ company that assembles, organizes and archives medical records and other important personal information for its clients. LifeSaver App™ stores your critical medical information on a secure website, immediately available 24/7 through your personalized Emergency Medical Identification Card (EMID). LifeSaver App™ is the only supplier of Managed Health Records that offers multiple redundancies of computerized records; accessible by Web, mobile devices, optional USB, and pictured ID card. We are “Dedicated to Saving Lives, Time, Cost, and Reducing Medical Errors.”

Instant PHR App Save Lives

August 29, 2012
From LifeSaver App, LLC