activTek Health Solutions

activTek Health Solutions


A New Strategy in the Fight Against Infection

          - MADE IN AMERICA -

Treat Contaminants Where They Start - Before Reaching the Filter

The breathing space between you and your patient can't always travel to filters first. Treat the space where contaminants first appear and take care of particulates under .003 microns. Your lungs have more important things to do.

activTek Health Solutions is dedicated to providing a new strategy of infection control in the EMS/Fire and Disaster Recovery/Preparedness communities with excellence and integrity using ActivePure® Technology. ActivePure® is a filterless, continual air decontamination system generating a safe-to-breathe purifying plasma that is distributed throughout the environment via air circulation. Proven to dramatically reduce mold, mildew, odors, bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and staph infections. High quality products are available for OEM, upgrades to in-service ambulance and rescue vehicles, as well as fire stations, medical facilities, temporary/permanent shelters, mobile medical trailers, MCI's, disaster relief efforts and mortuary response.

ActivePure® Technology - Internationally awarded Certified Space Technology Status and published in The Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, Jan. 2007. All university studies and test results are readily available. Every high quality product is manufactured in our Bristol, Virginia facilities and available with or without Ozone. Lead times are typically a few days.

No Down Time - No Filters to Replace

No Maintenance

Green Technology  -  No Chemicals  -  Non-Toxic

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Applications Include the Following:

- Ambulances                                               - Disaster Preparedness

- Medical Ambulance Buses (MCI)                - Fire Station Living Quarters

- Disaster Relief Shelters                             - Tactical/Military Operations

- Emergency Operations Centers                - FEMA/USAR/NDMS/DMAT

- Triage & Field Hospitals                             - Red Cross/Public Health

- Mobile Surgical Trailers                              - Hygiene Facilities

- Mobile Healthcare Facilities                       - Portable Shelters

- Mortuary Trailers & Morgues                     - Retention Camps

- Remote Field Operations                           - Flood & Fire Restoration

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AP 3000

Product From activTek Health Solutions

Portable, self-contained unit. Fully adjustable fan speed/purifier levels for varying environmental conditions and needs. Settings, adjustments and maintenance reminders are displayed on LCD screen. Optional elevated adjustable Ozone treatment for problem areas (to be used in unoccupied spaces only). Comes with remote control.

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Aggressive Pro-Active Air Purification

Product From activTek Health Solutions

Effective against airborne and surface contaminants, ActivePure Technology is a proactive, non-toxic, air purification system proven to dramatically reducing bacteria and viruses, including MRSA & Staph. Manufactured in America, high quality products are available for OEMs, retro-fitting ambulances and rescue vehicles, as well as fire stations, medical facilities, temporary/permanent shelters, MCIs, disaster relief efforts and mortuary response. activTek Health Solutions—Continuing a Tradition since 1901. Visit

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Induct 500

Product From activTek Health Solutions

A compact, natural air treatment system. Discreet internal mounting - No cleaning required. Installs directly into the HVAC unit. Dimensions:  10.38"l x 2.25"w x 1.25"h. Covers 500 sq. ft.


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Product From activTek Health Solutions

A fully automatic, self-contained, wall-mountable odor eradication and air treatment system. Built-in fan. Minor maintenance required if in kitchen environment.


  • Ambulances, MCI Buses & Mass Transit
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