Coalition for Tactical Medicine (CTM)

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Coalition for Tactical Medicine (CTM)

Company Details:
3337 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703/370-7436


The Coalition for Tactical Medicine (CTM) is the only nonprofit of its kind. We work to meet a growing need for more people (EMS, EMT, SWAT teams, doctors under fire, law enforcement, SWAT medics, etc.) to be equipped with lifesaving tactical medical training and education. Special abilities that will be needed during life-threatening situations, like a terrorist attack or natural disaster. CTM will raise scholarship funds to give to qualified medical and non-medical personnel including TCCC (Tactical Casualty Combat Care). We will also spread vital, lifesaving information via the CTM website and blog (MEDMASH). Local police, EMS, SWAT teams and soldiers will be able to apply for scholarship funding. In addition, doctors, nurses, school principals and other non-traditional responders who would also benefit from having tactical medical skills may be eligible.