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Efficient Practice Solutions, LLC

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107 Stadium Drive
Guyton, GA 31312

Phone: 912/704-4348

Website: http://www.ekgcable.com

The EKG Cable Organizer is designed to prevent the tangling of EKG cables and telemetry/cardiac monitoring cables during times of disuse by keeping all the leads aligned as well as separated from each other; it will thereby be ready immediately before each use. The functionality of this organizer will save physicians, nurses, EKG technicians, and EMTs valuable skill time. The organizer increases efficiency of electrocardiogram and stress test operations. Our product will eliminate having to wrap the cables, knot them together or yank on them to untangle the cables. Such practices often lead to cable kinking, cable fraying, or lead breaking; eventually causing cable damage and consequently frequent expensive cable replacement to prevent artifacts in the reading. This product will help save money by preventing frequent expensive cable replacement!