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Gurumedic is intended to be a multiplatform, multifunctional, and comprehensive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) management tool, with user functions at the care provider, supervisor and facility levels. This application will allow providers to use available technology to increase real time functionality in patient care, while managing pre-incident preparation and post incident quality assurance and follow up.

This is a multiple phase project to give anyone working in a patient care setting, whether emergent or non-emergent, the opportunity to advance their own career. The first phase provides users with a unique tool to capture key information on the patient population they care for in the clinical setting. In under a minute, the user can record pertinent information on patients, to include date, age, race, gender, time with patient, primary and secondary complaints, procedures, medications, clinical impression and a time stamp for STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction) patients.

With this information, you will be able to track your own growth in the clinical world, and subsequently share this information with teachers, employers, co-workers, operational medical directors, and tertiary care facilities. This phase of the app will also allow you to take an active role in improving STEMI care across the health care system. Additionally, this will provide hospitals with an easy and trackable way to give feedback to the provider who cared for a particular patient. The first phase of the APP has been sterilized of HIPAA information but does provide a notes section to identify and track patients.