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White Canvas Group

Company Details:
333 N. Fairfax St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 571/421-2260

White Canvas Group (WCG) is a technology company that develops innovative solutions and products for a wide range of organizations, from U.S. Special Operations Forces to various elite private clients from diverse areas, such as the entertainment, athletic and energy industries. WCG’s development process is driven by unrestricted creativity and agility, and employs a fusion of science, scholarship, technology, inspiration and world class design to deliver transformative results that save resources, improve the bottom line, and launch fresh concepts —ahead of the competition.

  • AVL, GPS, Mapping
    GridMeNow (GMN), a smartphone-based application, enables users to instantly send and receive texts, pictures and video reports with geographic positions, and relay critical intelligence needed for decision making. ...Continue Reading
  • Organizations relying on the solution to map damage areas in New York State and Pennsylvania and provide disaster recovery teams with rapid, “two-click,” location-based information. ...Continue Reading
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