Bobbie Merica

Bobbie Merica is the author of Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive and owner of Moulage Concepts, an international medical and trauma moulage company that specializes in hospital, trauma, mass casualty and prehospital moulage training, supply and certification. She is certified in Biological/Chemical/Terrorism moulage and WMD terrorism training. Upon discovering the absence of moulage specific to a clinical/hospital setting, she designed and implemented the first in a series of 3D clinical wounds that can be triaged, sutured, debrided and drained, in addition to medical and trauma moulage kits and training courses that are specialized to the medical, military, veterinary and prehospital communities. She is an international speaker, works as a trauma moulage expert for the Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness in both Arizona and Idaho, is a contributing author at EMS World Magazine and is Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program certified. Moulage Concepts—creating training scenarios that look, sound, feel and smell like the real thing. For more information, visit