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The degree program implements evidence-based practice and leadership management into teaching
One first responder shares how a day in EMS work can go from harrowing to joyous
West Midlands Ambulance Service already has one of the highest rates of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) staffing in the UK ambulance sector, but the agency wants to be truly representative
The new body will credential basic and advanced personnel who demonstrate required knowledge and skills.
Extra funding for the Scottish Ambulance Service will help them up-skill paramedics, treat more patients in the community and reduce the numbers requiring hospital admission
Since its launch 18 years ago, the team has grown to include over 50 cycle paramedics who now treat over 15,000 patients a year
Dr. Tony Joy, part of the air ambulance team to arrive on scene, said ground ambulance teams were already tending to the injured when he arrived
A policeman was stabbed and killed, an assailant shot and several people injured close to Britain's Houses of Parliament
Oxford Brookes students collaborate with Bucks Fire and Rescue on a training day at Moreton Fire College
There's not much that binds Israel's EMS volunteers—except a commitment to save lives
The bespoke Land Rover will be trialed by the Austrian Red Cross
Milestone will provide two AW139 helicopters to support emergency medical services in Norway
All Ambulance Victoria paramedics will take part in virtual reality training to better protect them from violence as they respond to medical emergencies
A swallowable 'smart balloon' to facilitate weight loss is placed inside the patient for six to 12 months, followed by weight-loss surgery
The Director of United Hatzalah, Moshe Teitelbaum received the award in honor of the 3,200 volunteer EMTs, paramedics, and doctors, who work with the organization