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The New Mexico community paramedic program assisted more than 1,100 Medicaid patients in its first year.
Proposal includes funds for a special paramedic team to intervene with people who are the subject of 911 calls more than 10 times a year
The pilot proposal: Work with diabetics and patients with asthma and heart disease to control the health conditions that are landing them in the emergency room
The in-home paramedicine program has already helped decrease costs by $558,000.
The program has resulted in a 62% drop in ER admittances and 63% decrease in ambulance rides for frequent 9-1-1 callers.
While the program is not yet paying for itself, it's helped divert 20 patients from the ED.
This webinar highlights community paramedicine programs serving high-need populations in Wisc. and Mass.
When paramedics realize a patient doesn't need to be transported to a hospital, they use a tablet to video chat with a specialist to get the patient the assistance they need
The insurer is also trialing models that pay EMS for responses, not transports.
The Pascoag Fire Department plans to launch a trial program assisted by new language written into Rhode Island's statewide protocol for EMS on March 1
Community health program working to connect individuals to the resources they need to turn their lives around
Find out what community paramedicine projects are achieving in healthcare in California.
The initiative has resulted in an estimated $149,000+ expenditure savings and vast improvements in patients' health status self-assessments
Learn how UnityPoint Health - Meriter and the City of Madison Fire Department are partnering to empower patients
Through this bill, paramedics would be paid for providing limited home care, such as help with medication plans accessing social services