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An Avon first responder suffered a fatal heart attack Tuesday after responding to a call during a blizzard.

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Illinois First Responder Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Following Response

An Avon first responder suffered a fatal heart attack Tuesday after responding to a call during a blizzard.

Okla. Responders Battle Impassable Roads

Emergency responders spent as much time digging their vehicles out as they did actually responding to emergencies according to reports from Rogers County Emergency Management Director Bob Anderson.

Ariz. Shooting Timeline Details Rescuers' Response

Emergency medical crews were dispatched within 3 minutes and arrived on the scene 5 minutes later. Thirteen minutes after a gunman shot 19 people, medics were treating the victims.

EMS Operations

ICS: The Elephant in the Room

In the first installment of a new column that discusses EMS consequence management, we review the role of the Incident Command System within EMS. Whatever model of EMS service delivery your community utilizes, the day will come when you will interact on a large scale with multi-jurisdictional agencies. The proven method of working together successfully is NIMS and ICS.

EMT Training Center

The Write Stuff--Part 2: Getting Started

In January we introduced The Write Stuff, a yearlong series about writing for EMS media. This month we'll cover how to develop article ideas.

Daily Tips

Tactical EMS Operations

This month, Wren Nealy from Cypress Creek EMS offers his top tactical EMS tips: "As a tactical medic you may be called upon to perform a remote assessment on a SWAT operator. Your abilities and judgment must be sound. This assessment will often be used by the tactical commander to decide if they should effect a rescue. Prepare your team for this situation now. It is not worth the risk of other lives to rush in and perform a recovery.

Featured EMS World Magazine Article

EMS, Law Enforcement and Active Shooters: How Nontactical Crews Can Support Special Operations

Over a weekend in October 2010, approximately 120 members of the San Francisco Bay Area EMS community gathered in Alameda County to train in an "active shooter" scenario with 29 SWAT teams from around the world, including the national police force from Israel, a special security detail from Bahrain and the Knights of Justice from Jordan.

EMS World Webcast Archives

Insights and Explanations of the New AHA Guidelines

View these archived presentations that will help make sense of the AHA's new 2010 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Basic Life Support (CPR) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) for adult and pediatric patients.

Continuing Education

Infectious Diseases: Annual, Recurrent and Emerging

As EMTs and paramedics, we learn about many infectious and communicable diseases, some of which we see on a regular basis, like influenza, the common cold, croup or sexually transmitted diseases. Other infectious diseases, like epiglottitis, are more obscure. This article discusses influenza, pertussis and cholera.

This CE activity is approved by EMS World Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.5 CEUs. After reading the article, download the test that accompanies this article or take the CE test online at

Product News

ZOLL Medical Receives 2010 North American Market Leadership Award

ZOLL Medical Corporation has received the Frost & Sullivan 2010 Market Leadership Award for the North American external defibrillator market. ZOLL was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the highest market share within its industry.


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