This Week in EMS: Making Mistakes...The Option of Death...Signature Audits

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Retired Maryland Paramedic Killed Battling Four-Alarm Blaze as Firefighter

A Lutherville volunteer firefighter was killed and two residents injured in a four-alarm blaze that engulfed an apartment building in Hillendale Wednesday night.

Wake County, N.C. Brings Out Big Ambulance for Big Wreck

Wake County Emergency Medical Services' new ambulance bus is capable of carrying up to 22 patients sitting upright or 16 lying bunk-bed style, with space in the aisle for 14 more in wheelchairs.

Arkansas Regional Trauma Panel Works to Create Centers

The Arkansas Valley Regional Trauma Advisory Council took its first step toward formation during an organizational meeting that drew 50-plus hospital and emergency personnel from nine counties to St. Edward Mercy Medical Center.

EMS Operations

Are You Sweating the Small Stuff? Signature Audits in EMS

Many Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) are looking at ambulance documentation in a new way. Specifically, they are looking to see if we have collected all of the proper signatures we need. If you do not pay attention to the details, collect the required signatures, change your forms to make the collection of these signatures easier and more self-explanatory for your crews, you may be sweating an audit and the loss of a significant sum of revenue that you would have been entitled to.

EMS Life

Stuff I'd Wish They Taught Me in Class: Part 4--Death is an Option

As medics and EMTs, we need to stop taking death as a sign of failure. Death is something we can't control.

The Corner Office: Practical Management for EMS Leaders

Could You Bounce Back From A Critical Error?

We have all heard of them--managers who make a "critical error" and it appears their career is over and done for. So what do you do? A. Try to hide your mistakes? B. Deny they exist? C. Blame them on others? The answer is D--none of the above.

Featured EMS World Magazine Article

When Life Gives You Lemons

If you've read an EMS-related journal or attended an EMS conference in the last couple of years, you're probably aware that prehospital airway management in general, and prehospital intubation specifically, is under close scrutiny. This article looks at the history of airway assessments, the popular mnemonic LEMON for predicting difficult laryngoscopy, and some of the limitations to its use in EMS, both practical and statistical.

Continuing Education

Ambulance Safety Solutions

In this exclusive supplement to EMS World Magazine, we explore the risks to EMS professionals inherent in their work to assess, treat and transport patients; identify specific causes of death and career-threatening injury to EMS professionals; discuss the tools, techniques and technologies for mitigating risks to EMS professionals during patient treatment and transport; and explore how EMS professionals can apply situational awareness concepts to their job performance.

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Industry News

5.11 Tactical Requests Support for Public Safety Officers on the Anniversary of 9/11

As part of the 10th anniversary commemorating the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, 5.11 Tactical will honor public safety officers involved in incidents on 9/11 and donate all profits from a special line of tactical clothing to three funds that pay tribute to those who serve.


EMS United

EMS United has been designed exclusively for EMS professionals. This is your place to connect with your peers quickly and easily online. Ask questions, share tips & tricks, discuss business challenges & solutions, & much more. Become part of EMS United today!

EMS World Webcast Archives: Insights and Explanations of the New AHA Guidelines

View these archived presentations that will help make sense of the AHA's new 2010 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Basic Life Support (CPR) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) for adult and pediatric patients.

Featured Job

Dir/Assistant Chief-EMS, New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington, NC

The Director/EMS Chief Field Operations has responsibility for EMS operations including planning, policy development, research, quality initiatives, strategic planning, staffing, physician relations and finance to meet the goals of the department and the network.

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