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Civilian Dead, Four Responders Injured After Calif. Ambulance Collides With Car

A patient died and five others--including two firefighters and two paramedics--were injured after a Riverside County ambulance was involved in a crash.

Busy Chicago Hospital to Start Turning Away Ambulances

It's one of the busiest hospitals on the South side. But starting Saturday, Provident will no longer take ambulance calls, leaving area hospitals bracing for the impact on their own patient care.

Serious Ambulance Incidents Revealed by UK Newspaper

A string of lapses by ambulance staff-- including a patient who was locked in the back of a vehicle and left at the station--have been revealed.

EMS Operations

Q&A with New SAFECOM Chair Kevin McGinnis

After four years as SAFECOM Executive Committee Vice-Chair, EMS system builder and paramedic Kevin McGinnis was elected Chair during the November 2010 Executive Committee meeting. In this exclusive Q&A, EMS World talks to Kevin about the current state of public safety communications.

EMS Life

When Johnny Met Rosie--Women in EMS Part 5: Keeping the "Girls" in Check

In this month's column, Tracey Loscar tackles the challenging task of finding a uniform that fits her female curves. "No matter which way you slice it, our general body morphology is different based on gender," she says. "From the average to the not-so-average sized woman, on the whole our measurement ratios just differ from men."

EMS Blogs

Grand Rounds From the EMS Blogosphere: January 2011

Grand Rounds provides regular updates from many of the most popular EMS blogs around the Web. EMS blogging has become very popular; this is just some of what is being talked about.

The Corner Office

EMS Leadership Part 8: Behavioral Leadership Considerations for EMS

Our behavior as EMS leaders is important, and we must be aware of how we apply our behavior and how it is perceived by our EMS team members. The behavioral approach provides us with a broad conceptual map that is useful in gaining an understanding of our own leadership behaviors.

Featured EMS World Magazine Article

2010 EMS World Innovation Awards

EMS World Expo's Top Innovation Awards recognize companies exhibiting at EMS EXPO that have produced innovative new products or products that have seen significant changes. At the 2010 Expo, attendees had the opportunity to make their way through a sea of vendors who were showcasing the latest tools of our trade. Read on to find our top 20 product innovations from the show.

Continuing Education

Wheezing in the Pediatric Patient

A wheeze is a high-pitched, musical, continuous sound that originates from oscillations in narrowed airways. Wheezing is most often the result of bronchiolitis in infants and asthma in older children. This article will discuss the similarities and differences between these two childhood diseases, along with management of the infant or child with wheezing.

This CE activity is approved by EMS World Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.5 CEUs. After reading the article, download the test that accompanies this article or take the CE test online at

Product News

ZOLL-Sponsored CIRC Trial Concludes Successfully

ZOLL Medical Corporation has announced the successful conclusion of the ZOLL-sponsored CIRC trial. The trial's Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) closed enrollment when an analysis of the data showed the load-distributing band (AutoPulse Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump) to be equivalent to manual chest compressions.


Open Airways: The Ambulance House

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