Ohio Crash Victim Mistakenly Believed To Be Dead


Soon after police publicly announced a 20-year-old woman had died at the scene of a serious crash, medical crews determined the young woman was still alive.

Meghan Green was leaving Franciscan University of Steubenville when the crash happened. Several police said they've handled many crashes but were shaken by the scene they saw just after noon Monday.

Emergency crews said Green was dead, and Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said he called Green's hometown police department near Scranton, Pa., but no officers were working in the two-man police department. So, McCafferty tracked down her parish priest to notify Green's family of her death.

But, minutes later, police learned Green was revived and alive at a local hospital. McCafferty said he immediately called Green's father and to tell him about the crash and his daughter's condition before the priest arrived at the family's home.

Investigators said it appears she didn't stop at a stop sign and was hit by an F-250 truck heading up University Boulevard. Officers said the truck driver tried to avoid Green but couldn't.

"It appears her driver door came open. She wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. She was pinned under the front engine compartment of the vehicle," said Steubenville police Sgt. Rudy Sciarra.

Steubenville police said Green, who is a former Franciscan student, was in critical condition at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Media relations officials at UPMC said it is not clear if Green is being treated there or if her information is being kept private.

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