This Week in EMS: Checklists in EMS...Conflict Management...AHA Guidelines

A man accused of starting a police chase and causing an ambulance to crash with a patient on board told police he was "stupid" for trying to flee -- and the whole chase was caught on tape.

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Dashcam Video Captures Wild Police Chase, Ambulance Crash

A man accused of starting a police chase and causing an ambulance to crash with a patient on board told police he was "stupid" for trying to flee -- and the whole chase was caught on tape.

Ruling on Conn. EMT's Firing Over Facebook Post Could Set Precedent

A Connecticut woman who was fired after she posted disparaging remarks about her boss on Facebook has prompted a first-of-its-kind legal case by federal authorities who say her comments are protected speech under labor laws.

Family of Dead High School Football Player Sues N.C. Paramedic

A civil lawsuit will go on against the paramedic who visited Atlas Fraley before the former Chapel Hill High School player died two years ago.

EMS Operations

If You Don't Have a Checklist, You Probably Should

The use of applicable checklists in EMS agencies has the potential to take some of the risk out of what we do. Checklists can be small or large, with varying degrees of complication depending on the specific situation they are being developed to cover. Learn how other agencies are implementing checklists to improve their operations.

The Corner Office: Practical Management for EMS Leaders

EMS Leadership Part 6: Conflict Management Alternatives for EMS Leaders and Staff

Ralph, who is director of Shade Tree County EMS, has a lot of conflict regarding his crews, and especially their interfacing with hospital staff at the local emergency room. His crews are increasingly getting into heated arguments with emergency room staff. He has been putting this crisis off, but things are getting worse and he must address these issues now. Learn how Ralph used preventative conflict management processes to manage conflict in the workplace.

EMS Life

Stuff I'd Wish They Taught Me in Class: Part 2--Humility

Just because you went to best EMT school in the state doesn't mean your skills are up to scratch. Read how this EMS World columnist was forced to eat some humble pie after faking her ability to take a manual blood pressure.

EMS Training Center

Emphasis on Action

When the American Heart Association announced its new CPR guidelines in October, it posed EMS leaders the challenge of reeducating not only their own providers, but their communities as well. The AHA acknowledged as much, noting that its change in recommended BLS sequence from A-B-C (airway, breathing, compressions/circulation) to C-A-B (putting compressions first) "will require reeducation of everyone who has ever learned CPR." Put that way, it's an imposing challenge.

Industry Best Practices

Cornell University EMS Asks: "Got Soap?"

Cornell University EMS (CUEMS) is once again organizing the Got Soap? public health campaign with Cornell's Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) on November 12. The plan is to distribute nearly 20,000 bars of soap on campus as part of the hand hygiene campaign.

Case Studies

Battery Power

Hatzolah in Brooklyn, NY, relies on TMS Medical Technologies' HIGHPAK 4.8Ah lithium batteries for all of the LIFEPAK 12 defibrillators carried on the agency's eight ambulances. Read why Coordinator and EMT Yehuda Mendelbaum says: "These batteries are incredible!"


The EMS Squadcast: National Association of State EMS Officials Meeting, October 2010

The EMS Squadcast is a podcast series dedicated to discussions relevant to the world of EMS today. Join Tim Perkins as The EMS Squadcast records at the annual meeting of the National Association of State EMS Officials in Norfolk, VA. Tim speaks to Karen Jacobson from NEMSIS on the importance of data in EMS and to state EMS directors Gary Brown of Virginia, Dennis Blair of Alabama and Lee Burns of New York about issues their respective EMS systems are facing.

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