Dashcam Video Captures Wild Police Chase, Ambulance Crash


A man accused of starting a police chase and causing an ambulance to crash with a patient on board told police he was "stupid" for trying to flee -- and the whole chase was caught on tape.

Even after the pursuit ended, police said Robert Heath, 40, of Newell, put up a fight by jumping out of the driver's side window and trying to flee on foot. Heath was eventually wrestled to the ground by deputies and charged with numerous crimes in West Virginia and Ohio.

Dashcam video shows the whole incident unfold Thursday afternoon at the Sixth Street and state Route 2 intersection in Newell. Deputies said they first tried to stop Heath for running a red light, but Heath took off toward the Newell Bridge.

"We tried to block him from getting across the bridge, but he got between the cruisers," said Sgt. J.T. Keeder of the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

Keeder said Heath then crashed into an ambulance transporting a patient, pushing the ambulance about 50 to 60 feet. Deputies said no one in the ambulance was injured.

"(Heath) ran to the rail and look over when we were trying to get him on the ground," Keeder said, adding that he was concerned Heath was going to jump off the bridge.

Once apprehended, Heath was charged with possessing marijuana, having a firearm as a convicted felon, battery on an officer and driving without a license.

Keeder said, "After he was in custody, he said he was sorry and when I asked why he ran he said because he was stupid. … I think he should have stopped. He would have gotten a citation and been on his way, but now he's going to jail."

Heath is in the Columbiana County Jail.

Dashcam Video Captures Wild Police Chase, Ambulance Crash