This Week in EMS: EMS Crime Scene Response...WMD Training...Building a QA System

This Week in EMS: EMS Crime Scene Response...WMD Training...Building a QA System

News Oct 28, 2010

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Battle Over EMS Response to Crime Scenes in Miss.

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes has threatened to reverse the contract American Medical Response has to serve in the area if the company doesn't send its workers into violent crime scenes, even before police arrive.

Ambulance Standard Out for Review

The National Fire Protection Association's proposed new ambulance standard is available for public review, and comments are welcome through December 15.

Dispatcher's Role Mass. Choking Death Questioned

The 911 tape raises other questions about what assistance a choking victim received from the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office dispatcher who took the call.

Illinois Woman Impaled by Tree Branch During Storm Survives

The branch struck the woman near the abdomen and went through her side without striking any vital organs, but leaving her seriously injured.

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EMS Training Center

Hazardous Materials Course Focuses on WMD Attack and Response

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), located in Anniston, AL, offers the Hazardous Materials Technician for CBRNE Incidents course, which provides students an overview of the international and domestic threats with a spotlight on identification and decontamination of biological or chemical hazards. The CDP fully funds all training--including airfare, lodging and meals.

Clinical Care

Skills Station: Postherpetic Neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgia is a painful condition involving the nerve fibers and skin and is a complication of shingles, or the herpes zoster, which results from chickenpox. Patients experiencing postherpetic neuralgia may have a variety of signs and symptoms, including pain and discomfort. While calls like these are not always acute, providers can still provide supportive care while recognizing that the patient is experiencing a chronic and potentially challenging situation.

The Corner Office: Practical Management for EMS Leaders

Building a Quality QA System

Even though QA may be the bane of the field staff, it is of utmost importance to management. You can use your QA information to develop a CQI program that will show how well your system is performing.

Reading Room

The Widow-Maker

On March 31, 2008, Patrick Fox, a relatively healthy, 48-year-old defied the odds and death six times when he suffered a "widow-maker" heart attack. One year later, Fox wrote The Widow-Maker Heart Attack at age 48, a book that provides hope and a pathway to recovery for other heart attack patients and their loved ones facing the same daunting, life-changing, unexpected experience.


The EMS Squadcast: EMS Expo 2010 in Dallas

The EMS Squadcast is a podcast series dedicated to discussions relevant to the world of EMS today. Join host Tim Perkins for two episodes recorded at the 2010 EMS World Expo in Dallas, TX. Tim speaks to Dave Page about measuring and evaluating the efficacy of clinical environments in EMS training, to Dan Limmer about the upcoming changes to the EMS education standards, to NAEMT membership committee member Aimee Binning about projects NAEMT is working on, and to Ray Barishansky about his article in the October issue of EMS World Magazine on COOP planning for EMS.

Continuing Education

Ambulance Safety Solutions

Ambulances are not built to a federal crash standard. Their patient compartments can have sharp edges, head-strike hazards and unsecured equipment flying about in a crash. Crash, injury and fatality rates are high. There are a lot of elements of danger. What can we do about them? The article Threat Assessment, which is part of a special supplement sponsored by ZOLL Medical Corporation, offers several strategies for addressing key danger areas.

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Featured EMS World Magazine Article: October 2010

Continuing Your Education

In this month's Q&A, we ask EMS educator Heather Davis: Is EMS refresher training pointless or poorly executed?

Continuing Education

EMS Management of Catastrophic Cheerleading Injuries

Thirty years ago, cheerleading was limited to energetic toe touch jumps, splits, claps and pom-pom shaking. Today, cheerleading routines include more technical tumbling, partner stunts, multilevel pyramids, lifts, catches and tosses. Likewise, the number and severity of injuries seen at all levels of cheerleading has increased. With over 3.6 million cheerleaders in the United States, it is reasonable to believe that many EMS providers will have the opportunity to respond to an emergency at a cheerleading event at some point during their careers.

This CE activity is approved by EMS World Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.5 CEUs. After reading the article, take the CE test that accompanies this lesson at

Featured Video

EMS Expo 2010 Opening Ceremonies

If you missed this year's EMS Expo, you can now view the Opening Ceremonies posted in our all-new video network.

Case Study

Missouri Hospital Association Strengthens Emergency Preparedness and Response

Today, hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country have the opportunity to strengthen their ability to respond to disasters, health pandemics and acts of terrorism. With $390.5 million in hospital preparedness funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services available nationwide in 2010-2011, the pressing question that fund recipients are asking: How can we best leverage these federal funds to enhance our ability to serve our local communities in an emergency?


Your EMS World Photo Contest

EMS World Magazine, and EMS World Expo invite you to submit photographs that represent your world in EMS. Submit photographs in the following categories: training, real-life incidents, community involvement and hanging with EMS colleagues. The grand prize winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to EMS World Expo 2011, August 31-September 2, in Las Vegas, NV.

8th Annual National EMS Systems Survey

EMS World Magazine and are proud to offer the 8th annual comprehensive survey of EMS systems in the United States. Take the survey and win! If you participate, you will be entered into a drawing to win one TPAK 700 CPR Prompt® 7-Pack courtesy of Nasco Healthcare.

Featured Job

Preceptor, Emergency Medical Technology (Clinical), Cleveland, OH

Provides supervision of clinical course content and activities of the Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) program. Schedules EMT student clinical rotations. Advises and counsels students on proper documentation techniques and provides feedback to students.

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Reader Poll: Blood Draws

This week we ask: Under a new law in Ohio, EMS providers can, at the request of law enforcement, draw blood at crash scenes from drivers suspected of using alcohol or drugs. Do you have and support such a law in your state? Click here to let us know your thoughts.

Upcoming Events

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Source News
Nancy Perry, Editor
Avaya plans to honor the Texas Commission as it sees the adoption of Kari’s Law build across the country, a law which would mandate any company or organization with multi-line telephone systems to provide direct-dial access to 9-1-1.
The company achieves a milestone of its first U.S. regulatory filing for a medical device which would aid in hemostasis and wound care.
Senators will have to vote on multiple amendments on the health care repeal bill.
County commissioners decided to write off over $5 million in uncollectible ambulance bills owed by residents, an amount that has been building since the 1940s.
The amount of deaths caused by substance abuse and mental health issues in the first half of 2017 have surpassed the total deaths of 2016.

The raging wildfires have forced 10,000 residents to evacuate their homes. 

For the first time in my EMS career, I froze.
The two agencies compete for ticket votes from blood donors to raise awareness for the increased need for blood during the summer.
Los Angeles firefighters and law enforcement are "resource rich" in nuclear threat preparation, like specialized trucks with advanced sensors for radiation levels, says the emergency operations commander.

Lee County, Fla. EMS will soon have its own substation in North Fort Myers. Chiefs for the North Fort Myers Fire District and Lee County EMS said it was time for a change because of overcrowding. 

EMS professionals are all taught to look for a MedicAlert bracelet or a necklace. This simple step has become much more complex in the information age, and we may not realize for what and where to look.
The drill involving over 200 people put multiple first responder agencies to the test.
The training was based on lessons learned from the Columbine shooting and taught school employees safety and security measures.
One third of the state's record-high 376 overdose deaths that occurred last year were caused by prescribed painkillers.
The training will be focused on prescribing buprenorphine, the drug used to assist patients in quitting their opiate addiction and relieve withdrawal symptoms.