This Week in EMS: Firefighter Videotape Scandal...AHA Guidelines...Ambulance Safety CE

Spalding County officials have scheduled a special meeting to release findings of their investigation into why a county firefighter took video of a fatal car accident and posted it on the Internet.

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Georgia First Responder Suspended for Videotaping Crash Victim's Body

Spalding County officials have scheduled a special meeting to release findings of their investigation into why a county firefighter took video of a fatal car accident and posted it on the Internet.

Push It Real Good: New CPR Guidelines Put Compressions First

The American Heart Association's long-awaited new guidelines for CPR reflect what the resuscitation community has learned in recent years: that fast, high-quality compressions, started quickly and sustained, are among the most vital components to helping a sudden cardiac arrest victim survive.

Ohio Flight Medic Suffers Fatal Heart Attack While on Duty

A flight medic in Wellston died of an apparent heart attack while on duty on Oct. 19, according to MedFlight. Shawn Baker had served with MedFlight in the Mobile Intensive Care Unit division, as well as the Rotor wing division since 1998.

EMS Training Center

Aphasia Awareness

Aphasia is an acquired communication/language disorder, usually caused by stroke, head injury, brain tumor, or neurological conditions. Aphasia impairs a person's ability to speak, process language and sometimes understand others, but it does not affect intelligence. Do you know how to best communicate with a person with aphasia?

Career Development

Preparing to Present

You are listening to a presenter at a conference and think, "I have a great idea for a presentation, and I can do it at least as well as this guy (or girl)!" Sound familiar? Well, there is a lot to know about presenting at an EMS conference. This article outlines what types of conferences are out there, what conference planners are looking for, how to develop your presentation proposals and other aspects of the EMS speaking game.

EMS Operations

Grain Bin Burials

Grain bin burials typically happen when a farmer steps inside a bin to break up a layer of corn. Do you know how to respond to such a call? A new program in Ohio is teaching first responders what to do and how to do it.

Prehospital Profiles

Department Profile: Aurora Fire Department

Relationships are key ingredients in the success of any EMS or fire department. Making connections and building rapport within and outside of the department can go a long way to enhancing the care EMTs and paramedics deliver to the community. The Aurora (CO) Fire Department works with other members of the EMS system to make connections that improve services and programs.

The Corner Office: Practical Management for EMS Leaders

EMS Leadership Part 5: Idealized Influence Transformational Leadership in EMS

Supportive mentoring and empowering leadership ensure organizational success in EMS. Learn how you can achieve this through the practice of idealized influence transformational leadership.

Continuing Education

Ambulance Safety Solutions

A catastrophic ambulance collision in April 2008 that seriously injured two employees shook Rockland Paramedic Services to its core. The agency took a hard look at itself and put steps in motion to embrace a culture of safety throughout the organization. Learn how Rockland successfully implemented a culture of safety in this special supplement, sponsored by ZOLL Medical Corporation, which addresses a number of issues relating to ambulance safety.

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