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Although first responders willingly put themselves in harm's way during disasters, new research indicates that they may not be as willing if the disaster is a potentially lethal pandemic.

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Study: First Responders Reluctant to Work in Pandemic

Although first responders willingly put themselves in harm's way during disasters, new research indicates that they may not be as willing if the disaster is a potentially lethal pandemic.

Texas Ambulance Company Owner Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison

Muhammed Nasiru Usman, who owned Royal Ambulance Service, Inc. and First Choice EMS, Inc. was convicted this past May on 14 charges, which included healthcare fraud and money laundering.

Tenn. Ambulance Driver Investigated After Wreck

A Walker County ambulance driver Gerald Zigner is under investigation after his vehicle swerved across U.S. Highway 27, police said, and hit an oncoming car two weeks ago. Police believe Zigner fell asleep at the wheel.

EMS Training Center

Epilepsy for EMS

At some point in their lives, one person in 10 will experience a seizure. By age 75, 3% will have epilepsy. So if you, as an EMS provider, haven't encountered an epileptic or seizure patient to this point in your career, rest assured--you probably will. It is among the missions of the Epilepsy Foundation to help prepare public-safety responders for that. To that end, the foundation is preparing an educational program for EMS.

Continuing Education

Ambulance Safety Solutions

This special supplement, sponsored by ZOLL Medical Corporation, addresses a number of issue relating to ambulance safety. Industry experts weigh in on where we are today, what threatens us, what we can do about it, and what the future might hold. They offer numerous ideas, best practices and solutions for keeping our people and our patients alive and intact.

After reading this supplement, get 1.5 CE credits FREE courtesy of ZOLL. This CE activity is approved by EMS World Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.5 CEUs. Go to to take the test.

Point of View

Stuff I'd Wish They'd Taught Me in Class--Part 1: The Human Element

Before you complain about your next frequent flier, read this essay from EMS blogger Shao Trommashere, which details her regrets about her attitude toward an old lady who used to call for lift assists.

EMS Operations

Helicopter EMS--Part 1: A Brief History

When it comes to the development of helicopter EMS (a.k.a. HEMS), many of the foundations were built during military operations, with the Vietnam war considered the pivotal moment in air-medical transport, because it was at that time that in-flight medical treatments were also instituted.

EMS Life

Grand Rounds from the EMS Blogosphere: October 2010

This month, columnist Adam Thompson introduces readers to RapidResponseDoc, a physician out of the UK who works side by side with other prehospital care providers in a very progressive EMS system. Plus all the latest hot blogging topics and Adam's blogging tip of the month.

Open Airways Podcast

His Lucky Day

"The bleeding, swelling had gone down enough for him to actually start firing synapses again. He says, 'I just woke up and I went, Wow! I think I hit a moose!'" EMS professional Wilma Vinton talks about the miraculous survival of a patient who hit a moose while riding his motorcycle on a remote Alaska road.

Featured Video

The Fit Responder: Resistance Band Training

Being fit, staying strong and making yourself ready to respond to the next call is not nearly as hard as many responders make it out to be. In this video, Bryan Fass shows how you can use an inexpensive resistance band and your truck as a tether to keep you fit for duty.

Featured EMS Magazine Article: October 2010

Case Review: An Especially Difficult Airway

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