This Week in EMS: National EMS Memorial Service...Orlando FD Patient Transport Plan...Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

This Week in EMS: National EMS Memorial Service...Orlando FD Patient Transport Plan...Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

News Jun 24, 2010

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Responders Ready for EMS Memorial

On Saturday, June, 26, EMS personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice while performing their duties will be honored in Colorado Springs, CO, and, for the first time, the National EMS Memorial Service will be streamed live.

Orlando Mayor Backs Fire Department Transport of Patients

After years of resisting, Orlando has reversed its position on using firefighters to transport sick and injured residents to the hospital.

Fla. Town Ends ALS Contract: Providers Not Trained

A contentious agreement between Collier County and North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District about who can provide advanced life support on emergency calls is 90 days from being canceled.

Lucky Clover Found On UK Impaled Crash Survivor

Paramedics found a four-leaf clover stuck to the back of a young driver who survived a crash in Northumberland which left him speared through the chest by a fence post.

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EMS Training Center

Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

When members of the National Commission on Children and Disasters last took stock in May, they weren't very happy. In a report delivered to the president and Congress, the NCCD measured federal progress toward recommendations the commission made in a 2009 interim report to better protect children in disasters. They found things weren't going as well as they'd hoped.

EMS Academy Launches Third EMT Class

The St. Paul, MN-based EMS Academy, which was started one year ago, offers summer employment to low-income St. Paul youth, who are paid to attend the EMT certification program that will hopefully lead to a career in emergency medicine.

EMS Revisited

The Maturing of EMS Management

As part of EMS Magazine's 10th anniversary celebrations in the Jan/Feb 1982 issue, William L. Newkirk, MD, discussed the evolution of EMS management from the 1970s to the early 1980s. "EMS managers were often low in the management hierarchy," says Newkirk. "Indeed, managing EMS was often a training period for administrators because it was a good place to learn from mistakes before entering inpatient management and important work. Then, almost overnight, EMS got hot."

Prehospital Profiles

Cross Training Ensures Top Care for Benton County Residents

If you need care in eastern Washington, you would be well served to have Benton County Fire Protection District #2 respond to your pleas for help. All members of the department--comprised of a mix of career (4), volunteer (35) and resident (6) firefighters, the only such ALS provider in eastern Washington to be classified as a combination department with both paid and volunteer members--are cross trained in EMS, minimally as EMT basics, although about half are trained as EMT intermediates and several are paramedics.

New This Month: Reading Room

Author Interviews and Writing Advice

Don't miss our Q&A with Joseph Clark, author of My Ambulance Education, in which Clark, who is a professor in the University of Cincinnati's Department of Neurology, recalls his early career as an EMT.

Editorial Spotlight: Health and Safety Week 2010

Safety, Health and Survival Week is a collaborative program sponsored by the IAFC and the IAFF. The theme of this year's Safety Week, which runs June 20-26, is Fit for Duty. EMSResponder's Safety Week coverage includes content focusing on personal health and wellness issues and agency best practices.

Featured EMS Magazine Article: June 2010

Q&A: Dissecting Decisions

"Most of the mistakes we make in prehospital emergency medicine are from inadequate patient assessment," says Jeff Beeson, DO, RN, LP, associate medical director for the Emergency Physician's Advisory Board, which provides medical oversight for the MedStar system in Fort Worth, TX. In this Q&A, Beeson discusses how EMS providers can unmask the thinking that leads to mistakes in prehospital care. He will also speak on this subject at this year's EMS EXPO, scheduled for Sept. 27-Oct. 1 in Dallas. For more information, visit

Continuing Education

Pediatric Drug Administration

Children's bodies are a world apart from adults'. One of the easiest ways to understand why drugs may have different actions and different effects in children is to take a system-by-system approach to pediatric anatomy.

This CE activity is approved by EMS Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.5 CEUs. After reading the article, take the CE test that accompanies this lesson at

Additional CE Articles

ECG Clues to Identify the Site of Occlusion in Acute Myocardial Ischemia/Infarction

This presentation sponsored by Philips discusses the value of ST depression and ST elevation in helping to better localize the acutely ischemic/infracted region and predict the site of occlusion within the involved coronary artery. The overall goal is to recognize clues in the ECG that will shorten the interval from discovery to treatment and improve patient outcome. After viewing this video, take the CE test that accompanies this lesson at

This CE activity is approved by EMS Magazine, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for .5 CEUs. After viewing the video, take the CE test that accompanies this lesson at

Product News

ZOLL Medical Designated as AED Supplier for British Heart Foundation

ZOLL Medical Corporation has been designated a nominated supplier by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) for its ZOLL AED Plus® and ZOLL AED Pro®. Under the terms of the Level 1 Community Resuscitation Program tender, ZOLL is the sole supplier to the BHF. The BHF plans to purchase AED Plus units for the next three years to distribute in public places and areas of need throughout the United Kingdom.

Website of the Week

National EMS Memorial Service

The mission of the National EMS Memorial Service is to honor and remember those men and women of America's Emergency Medical Services who have given their lives in the line of duty, and to recognize the sacrifice they have made in service to their communities and their fellow man. This year's Memorial Service, which will be streamed live, is scheduled for June 26.

Featured Job

EMT/Paramedic, U.S. Army Medical Command - Toole Army Depot, UT

Civilian employees serve a vital role in supporting the Army mission. They provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations. The Army integrates the talents and skills of its military and civilian members to form a total army.

Click above for details and visit for additional listings.

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Reader Poll

This week we ask: Have you ever known a colleague to steal from a patient? Click here to let us know your thoughts.

Grant & Scholarship News & Resources

EMS Responder's Grant Resource Guide provides news, articles and resources relating to grant writing and fundraising for EMS and public safety agencies.

National Trauma Institute Will Grant $2.8 Million to Promising Trauma Studies

The National Trauma Institute (NTI), a non-profit organization dedicated to funding trauma research in the United States, will grant $2.8 million to promising trauma studies. In its second national request for proposals, NTI seeks rigorous clinical studies, especially those addressing hemorrhage, intensive care, trauma systems or prehospital care.

EMS EXPO 2010 Scholarship Program

Nominations are now open for the Robert G. Nixon EMS EXPO Scholarship Program, which awards two scholarships each year for EMS providers to attend EMS EXPO. The scholarship consists of a 3-day core program registration to EMS EXPO and $1,000 stipend to cover travel and expenses. Nominations must be received by August 2.


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National EMS Awards of Excellence: Win a Trip to EMS EXPO!

The deadline to enter the National EMS Awards of Excellence is July 1. Don't miss your opportunity to win cash prizes and a trip to EMS EXPO 2010 in Dallas, TX, September 27-October 1. Visit our awards page to enter today. EMS Responder Daily Tips

Check out EMSResponder's daily tips. During June, we will feature personal health and fitness tips. If you have a tip you would like to share with us, e-mail Editorial Director Nancy Perry.

EMS Magazine June 2010

The June issue of EMS Magazine is now available online. This month's cover report highlights a unique prehospital sepsis alert program in Colorado.

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Visit our Events Calendar to see what educational opportunities are in your area, plus post your own listings. Here are a selection of EMS upcoming training events:

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Source News
Nancy Perry
The drones are used to improve scene management by assessing areas that are difficult or dangerous for personnel to reach.
Dozens of firefighters and police officers join the annual week-long Brotherhood Ride to honor 20 first responders who have died in the line of duty in Florida.
The event will be held on August 20, with all proceeds going to Narberth Ambulance, an agency that provides emergency services to 145,000 residents.
Speakers presented on topics such as disaster relief, emerging pathogens, the opioid crisis and cyber security.
The state's Department of Health has established an agreement for UNC and NCBP to collaborate on providing public health data to NEMSIS to better prepare EMS for national emergencies.
State troopers rendered aid before turning them over to responding EMS units and New Castle County Paramedics.
Three people were fatally shot and at least 21 others were wounded in separate attacks from Saturday morning to early Sunday.
Crestline Coach attended the Eighth Annual Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership conference on June 8 to publicly sign the “Mission: Zero” charter on behalf of the organization, its employees and their families.
ImageTrend, Inc. announced the winners of the 2017 Hooley Awards, which recognize those who are serving in a new or innovative way to meet the needs of their organization, including developing programs or solutions to benefit providers, administrators, or the community.
Firefighters trained with the local hospital in a drill involving a chemical spill, practicing a decontamination process and setting up a mass casualty tent for patient treatment.
Many oppose officials nationwide who propose limiting Narcan treatment on patients who overdose multiple times to save city dollars, saying it's their job to save lives, not to play God.
While it's unclear what exact substance they were exposed to while treating a patient for cardiac arrest, two paramedics, an EMT and a fire chief were observed at a hospital after experiencing high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and mood changes.
After a forest fire broke out, students, residents and nursing home residents were evacuated and treated for light smoke inhalation before police started allowing people to return to their buildings.
AAA’s Stars of Life program celebrates the contributions of ambulance professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to their communities or the EMS profession.