This Week in EMS: Pa. Paramedic Killed...CPR Guidelines Discussed...Eagles Honor Top Doc

This Week in EMS: Pa. Paramedic Killed...CPR Guidelines Discussed...Eagles Honor Top Doc

News Mar 07, 2010

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Pennsylvania Paramedic Killed by Emotionally Disturbed Man

A Bensalem paramedic died March 7 of injuries suffered when he and others tried to approach an emotionally disturbed man who was threatening suicide, police said.

Future of CPR Discussed at Firehouse World

The American Heart Association is expected to release new guidelines later in 2010, and agencies should prepare themselves now for the potential impacts, according to Joshua Stapleton, Fire Capt./Paramedic and an EMS Representative for the AHA Regional Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee.

Eagles Honor Top EMS Doc Stewart

Twenty-five years to the day after the National Association of EMS Physicians was founded, America's leading EMS docs honored its first president. On Feb. 26 in Dallas, renowned emergency physician Ronald D. Stewart, MD, FACEP, received the Paul E. Pepe Excellence in EMS Award at the EMS State of the Sciences Conference, better known as the Gathering of Eagles.

Notes on Trauma

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Poor Documentation Associated with Increased Mortality

Columnist Will Chapleau: "We're taught throughout our career that "if it isn't written down, it didn't happen." Whether working in the field, teaching or working as an administrator, I've always stressed the importance of thorough documentation to ensure continuity of care and to have a written history of this event in the patient's life, so a paper published in the February issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons was disturbing."

EMS Training Center

The Perfect Storm

As a nor'easter brewed off the coast of Virginia in November 2009, the nearly 1,800 people trained in emergency medicine who were checking in at the downtown Norfolk Waterside Marriott for the Office of Emergency Medical Symposium (OEMS) conference didn't anticipate what would happen, or that this would be one of the most memorable conferences to date.

The Corner Office

Healthcare Law Updates for EMS Managers

Stay current on the latest in healthcare legislation. This month: patient care responsibilities at skilled nursing facilities, Medicare payment delays and post-payment audits.

Featured Article

The Path Less Traveled: Career Options for EMS Providers

There's something to be said for taking the path less traveled. There are some clear advantages to leaving the security of the well-trodden trail and venturing off into uncharted territory. If you've been looking for something a little different lately, perhaps a new challenge or a change of scenery, author Steve Whitehead would like to tell you about some folks who've traveled less-traditional paths through their EMS careers.

Continuing Education

Abdominal Trauma

Blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma are major causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States, particularly because it can be very difficult to recognize clear symptoms early. This article discusses the incidence and epidemiology of abdominal trauma, reviews abdominal anatomy, discusses the mechanisms of injury for abdominal trauma, explains an abdominal assessment as part of a trauma exam and discusses prehospital management.

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Business News

Physio-Control to Resume Unrestricted LIFEPAK Shipments

Physio-Control Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic, Inc., has received notice from the FDA that, having successfully met requirements for improvements to its quality system, the company may resume unrestricted worldwide shipments of its external defibrillators.

Featured Job

EMS Training Officer, Juneau, AK

Capital City Fire & Rescue is recruiting for an Emergency Medical Services Training Officer to plan, coordinate and supervise the EMS training program.

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Featured Forum Thread

Electronic BP in Ambulance

kidCLEVER38 asks: Do you prefer using a manual BP cuff for obtaining vitals while en route as the attending EMT on a rig or do you think you would prefer an automatic BP monitor? Currently we use manual BP cuffs, but I find it tough to get a good read with the rig bouncing about our wonderful So Cal roads. I think I would prefer an automatic based on ease of use. I mean, in the ER they're almost all automatic units being used before we transport, why not utilize the same technology en route? Besides, I can get BP and pulse all in one shot.

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Poll Question

This week we ask our readers: Vandals in the U.K. recently glued a helipad lock shut. Has your ambulance service ever had property damaged or operations delayed by vandals?

Grant & Scholarship News & Resources offers a comprehensive guide to the latest grant and scholarship news, plus information on federal, state, corporate and organizational grant resources. Featured News: Pa. to Receive $28.8 Million Federal Broadband Grant

Pennsylvania will receive a $28.8 million federal grant to help expand broadband infrastructure in northern Pennsylvania.

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Website of the Week

Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Coalition

Through joint strategic initiatives to focus the required attention and resources on the issues, the CPTC aims to increase awareness about the risk of fire smoke cyanide exposure as it relates to awareness, prevention, protection, detection, diagnosis and treatment.


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Nancy Perry
Leaders want to provide first responders with guidelines to follow when handling calls relating to human trafficking.
The study will assess Florida's Division of Emergency Management's response to Hurricane Irma and determine the lessons learned.
The state funding will provide 120,000 doses for first responders, including Pittsburgh park rangers.
The budget cut allowed the department to cross-staff, using firefighters to staff ambulances due to medical calls outnumbering fire calls.
Starting next year, the insurer will reimburse treatment that doesn’t require the emergency department.
One of the two Northern California wildfires have been fully contained due to cooler temperatures and light rain.
Kenneth Scheppke challenged longstanding traditions in patient care that have not withstood current scrutiny.

EMTs and other first responders who treated the wounded on scene of the Vegas shooting could be at risk for post-traumatic stress.

All EMS, fire, and law enforcement agencies in the county will participate in the drill along with 100 volunteers portraying victims of the shooting.
As the state begins facing the effects of the opioid crisis, medical professionals, law enforcement and prosecutors join the national discussion on possible solutions to the epidemic.
Only one of three in the country, the "rapid extrication team" assists in rescuing injured firefighters while local crews battle the forest fires.
The paramedic-staffed chase car would respond to ALS calls in a timelier manner and help alleviate several local fire departments' calls.
Las Vegas and Orlando massacres set a solemn tone for the normally festive event.
In a project to raise grant funding that began a year ago, the Richmond Ambulance Authority and VCU Health teamed up to provide 35 of Richmond’s Public Schools with Bleeding Control (BCON) equipment. 
Mercy Health's new two-story, 29,000 square foot center features a Level 1 trauma center, an expanded surgical area, and more comfortable patient and visitor access.