5th Annual Creighton EMS Competition Winners Announced

A bar fight challenged this year's participants

The 5th Annual Creighton EMS Competition was held on November 19.

Twenty-one teams from three states competed—9 ALS teams and 12 BLS teams—with six student teams from Creighton University. More than 100 judges, volunteers and victims were involved in the event.

This year's scenario involved a bar fight with seven patients. One patient was asthmatic and another had a radial fx. In a corner by a pool table was a male with a sucking chest wound caused by a pool cue and another with a closed-head injury and epidural bleed.

After five minutes, the police department brought in a bath salts overdose and an alcoholic diabetic with a blood sugar of 27 appeared at eight minutes.

ALS Results:

  • Champions: Flagler County (FL) Team C
  • 2nd Place: Local 3080 Metro Broward (FL)
  • 3rd Place: Flagler County (FL) Team B
  • 4th Place: Flagler County (FL) Team A
  • 5th Place: Madaam Ducks, Nebraska City, NE

BLS Results:

  • Champions: FDNY Bronx Boys
  • 2nd Place: Flagler County (FL) BLS Team
  • 3rd Place: If it’s wet and not yours, don’t touch it Creighton University EMS Education
  • 4th Place: Turpel’s Torpedoes Creighton University EMS Education
  • 5th Place: Absolutely Fresh Rescuers, Creighton University EMS Education

Roger Kruger Memorial Midwest Cup (awarded to the highest-scoring Midwest team):

Madaam Ducks, Nebraska City, NE

The Creighton Cup (awarded to the highest-scoring student team):

If it’s wet and not yours, don’t touch it Creighton University EMS Education

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