Map an AED, Win an AED

There are more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest deaths in the USA each year. EMS can’t always be there within the window to save a life, and sadly, AEDs are used for fewer than 2% of victims, though 80% have shockable rhythms. The challenge is, where are those AEDs? Many times would-be rescuers just don’t know.

A goal of the iRescU Project is to find and map those AEDs in our communities, so that everyone can know where they are. iRescU is a cloud-based, crowd-sourced AED location system that bridges saving lives and social media. Anyone anywhere in the world can upload their AED locations to the iRescU CABIS system—using any PC, mobile device, smartphone, tablet, iPad or even just a camera or cell phone—and have it listed. Once iRescU’s global database of AED locations is assembled, it will be released on an app to help users call 9-1-1, perform effective CPR and quickly find the nearest AED when an emergency arises.

To help encourage submissions of AED locations, iRescU is holding an AED geoLocation Challenge through May 31. Simply locate and submit AEDs anywhere in the world, and the contestant who submits the most will win an AED.

To participate, upload pictures at For more information: