'Furries' Party at N.J. Rescue Squad Draws Criticism

A so-called “FurBQ” party, in which guests dressed in animal costumes, was held at the Twin “W” Rescue Squad building in West Windsor, N.J. on May 26.

The event has drawn criticism due to reports that too many people attended, police were called, and one couple 'openly engaged in unseemly behavior," reports the Times of Trenton.

A similar event has been held on the grounds at least once before, but squad president Mike Leahy has promised it will not happen again.

The party was organized by a squad volunteer who calls himself “Tony Ringtail” in postings on the site Furaffinity.net, the newspaper reports.

“West Windsor is an extremely professional organization that will not put up with any inappropriate behavior, no matter who it’s from,” township attorney Mike Herbert said. “This should’ve never happened and will never happen again, and if it does, then the relationship between the township and the Twin W will have to be re-evaluated.”