NAEMT Announces Election Results for 2013 Board of Directors

NAEMT Announces Election Results for 2013 Board of Directors

News Nov 06, 2012

Clinton, Miss. — The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) announces the results from the recent elections for volunteer positions on the 2013 NAEMT Board of Directors:

President-Elect: Chuck Kearns, Michigan

Secretary: James Judge, Florida

Treasurer: Dennis Rowe, Tennessee

Region I Director: James Slattery, Massachusetts

Region II Director: Chad McIntyre, Florida

Region III Director: Chris Cebollero, Missouri

Region IV Director: Rod Barrett, Arkansas

At-Large Director: Matt Zavadsky, Texas

All NAEMT Active members had the opportunity to vote in this election from October 15–28. The 2013 Board of Directors takes office on January 1. Don Lundy also will be taking office as President then. The newly elected officers and directors will join with current Board members to comprise the 2013 NAEMT Board of Directors. Continuing Board members will include Connie Meyer, Scott Matin, Sue Jacobus, Bruce Evans and Paul Hinchey.

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“Please join me in congratulating our new and continuing Board members,” says NAEMT President Connie Meyer. “We thank all the candidates for their interest in serving in a leadership position on the NAEMT Board of Directors and for their dedication to NAEMT.”

About the Newly Elected Board Members

Kearns currently serves on the Board as an At-Large Director and is Chair of NAEMT''s Membership Committee. He has worked in EMS for 30 years, in government, private and volunteer EMS agencies, as a BLS first responder to flight paramedic. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Information Systems Management. Kearns says, “I’ll use my experience to help NAEMT continue its strong, positive momentum serving our nation’s EMS practitioners.”

Specifically, he says he will continue to work to improve the image of EMS, expand EMS on the Hill Day, advocate for appropriate government funding of EMS, and expand access to EMS education and grant programs.

Judge currently serves as Region II Director and is Chair of NAEMT's Advocacy Committee. He has worked in EMS for more than 38 years and has been a member of NAEMT since 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Public Administration Degree (Cum Laude) from Barry University, Miami, and has attended numerous courses in EMS and public safety topics. Judge is a past President of both the Florida Ambulance Association and the Florida Association of County Emergency Medical Services. “My goal is to support the membership of NAEMT and to work with the President and the Board as we listen to the membership on issues THEY feel are important. After all, membership is what NAEMT is about,” he says. Judge notes that key challenges are to continue to grow membership and promote legislation “that benefits EMS and the patients we serve.”

Rowe currently serves as Region II Director and is a paramedic and instructor. He is Rural/Metro’s EMS director for Loudon County, Tenn., and also serves as its market general manager for Knox and Loudon counties. He previously served on the NAEMT Bylaws Committee. As NAEMT Treasurer, Rowe says his goal is “to continue to grow in the ways the membership has expressed: leadership in EMS advocacy and EMS educational opportunities.” He adds, “To grow the funds necessary for this association’s success, we must be frugal and maximize the return on every penny. Retaining and increasing membership are critical to accomplishing this goal. We must continue and stay focused on strategically building the association.”

Slattery has been re-elected to his position as Region I Director. He says he “began his career in the back of a Ford station wagon ambulance in 1960 and has been active in EMS ever since.” Slattery has more than 35 years of experience as a volunteer instructor for the National Ski Patrol and the American Red Cross. He has worked on a 911 ALS ambulance for the City of Taunton, Mass., for more than 22 years. Slattery has served on the Massachusetts Governors Emergency Medical Care Advisory Board for 15 years and has been President of the Massachusetts Association of EMTs for 12 years. He says his goals are “to help promote the professionalism of EMTs and to help NAEMT make strides in its goals and objectives. I feel the Board of Directors position is a position of service to NAEMT, and to every EMT in every type of EMS service, in every state.”

McIntyre has been newly elected to the Region II Director position. He is a registered paramedic and manager of Trauma & Flight Services at University of Florida & Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, one of the academic medical centers for the University of Florida’s College of Medicine. He has been involved with NAEMT for 15-plus years. Currently, he is a member of the EPC Committee and affiliate faculty for the AMLS and PHTLS programs. “On the NAEMT Board, I hope to give back to NAEMT’s membership the very positive benefits I have received to my career and my professional development through NAEMT’s educational opportunities and advocacy,” he says. “I will continue to promote NAEMT educational programs. EMTs and paramedics strive to provide the best care possible to the patients we serve. It is only through advances in education that we can be on the forefront of patient care.”

Cebollero is newly elected to the Region III Director position. He is Chief for Christian Hospital’s (St. Louis) EMS division and has been a member of NAEMT since 1999. He is Chair of the EPC Committee, a member of the NAEMT Education Committee, and on the Board of Trustees of the NAEMT Foundation. Cebollero, who hosts the online EMS Leadership Podcast, has a BS degree in Biology and a MS degree in Health Care Management. “The NAEMT Board of Directors is such a great avenue to ensure our voice continues to be heard as we lead our career field into the future,” he says. “It will take our whole career field coming together and allowing the Board of Directors to secure our future by addressing important topics. I started my career as a paramedic on the truck, and remember what it was like not have the equipment needed to do the job or not having ideas listened to. This has given me some great perspective, and now I strive to ensure everyone has a voice, can give their opinions and has the tools necessary to deliver the highest quality of care possible.”

Barrett was re-elected to his position as Region IV Director. He has worked in EMS for more than 30 years. He holds a BA degree from Arkansas State University and earned his Registered Nurse degree in 2004. He has served with both private and public service models, and for 24 years has worked as a firefighter/paramedic for Bella Vista, Arkansas, Fire/EMS. He has served on the Arkansas EMT Association Board of Directors for nine years, with two terms as President. He also served for six years on the Arkansas Governor’s Advisory Committee and has been an adjunct instructor for Northwest Arkansas Community College in the College of Health Related Professions. “I look to continue to be involved in the forward movement of EMS. I feel that this opportunity for service on the national level is in gratitude to all the professionals who serve in the field,” Barrett says. “I will continue to work toward the future of EMS as a respected part of the healthcare system and will advocate for EMS on the national and local level.”

Zavadsky is newly elected as an At-Large Director. He has served on the NAEMT Membership Committee for two years and has more than 30 years of experience in EMS. He is Director of Public Affairs for MedStar EMS, Fort Worth, Texas, and previously was Associate Director of Operations there. Zavadsky was awarded 2010 Texas EMS Provider of the Year. He also serves as adjunct faculty for the University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs, Orlando, where he teaches classes in Healthcare Economics and Policy, U.S. Healthcare Systems, Managed Care and Healthcare Finance. “The EMS profession is facing unprecedented change, and it is my desire to help NAEMT members and the association take advantage of the new healthcare environment,” Zavadsky says. “My primary goal will be to help create programs at the local level to enhance value and participation in the healthcare system. This will help improve the financial standing of agencies that in turn, will be better able to provide better pay, enhanced equipment and expanded opportunities for employees.”


Formed in 1975 and today more than 32,000 members strong, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is the only national association dedicated to representing the professional interests of all emergency medical services (EMS) practitioners, including paramedics, advanced emergency medical technicians, emergency medical technicians, emergency medical responders and other professionals working in prehospital emergency medicine. NAEMT members work in all sectors of EMS, including government service agencies, fire departments, hospital-based ambulance services, private companies, industrial and special operations settings, and in the military.

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