Mich. Crash Claims Off-Duty EMT; Good Samaritans Hit

A nurse, a deputy and a first responder were seriously injured early Sunday while assisting an off-duty EMT who had been ejected from an earlier crash. 

Authorities say they're not certain yet if Trevor Stuck, 23, was killed in the first crash or when he and the people tending to him were struck, according to MLive.com.

Stuck and two other Pride Care workers, Brittany Despins and Kent Smith, were passengers in a private vehicle that rolled over. 

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Authorities said the two people stopped to help included Marykay R. Macquarrie, 53, a nurse, and  Kalamazoo County Deputy Laura Misner.

They and Despins were trying to help Stuck when a driver lost control of a Jeep on the same curve. It veered off the road and struck them, police told reporters. 

All remained hospitalized in critical condition.

Police are investigating to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crashes or whether the drivers fell asleep. 

“Our focus and thoughts are on all of the victims and their families,” Pride Care officials said in the five-paragraph statement Monday. “In a profession that is dedicated to saving lives, this is an extremely difficult time for our internal Pride Care family as well. We have the dual responsibility of both taking care of ‘our own’ and taking care of our communities.

“The men and women of this profession are remarkable, strong, enduring people. We will get through this. We will honor the service of Trevor and the other victims by continuing to care for each other and the communities that we serve.”