Rider Alert Credited in International Road Safety Award

Richmond VA / Monte Carlo, Monaco December 4, 2012 -- The U.S.-based motorcycle helmet safety program Rider Alert received more international credit today as it was recognized as part of an international safety award.

The Swiss-based Fédération International de Motocyclisme (FIM) governing body of worldwide Formula One motorcycle racing awarded its prestigious Road Safety Award to the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club for its work in developing the original crash helmet safety program.

FIM Chief Executive Officer, Stéphane Desprez, said, "For three years now, during its annual prize-giving ceremony, the FIM has awarded companies, organizations or associations involved in Road Safety for the important and relevant actions or projects they have implemented. The FIM has been aware of the good work done by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club of Great Britain with the helmet card."

Secretary General of the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club Paramedic Ian Burrell traveled to Monte Carlo to accept the award at the annual FIM Gala last weekend.

In recognizing the contribution of Rider Alert Desprez added, "In doing so, the judges also recognize the work done in the United States by your colleagues in Rider Alert in further promoting this initiative."

Rider Alert lead and Chief Operating Officer of the Richmond Ambulance Authority Rob Lawrence said, "We are delighted to be a part of this award and the ongoing success story that this simple, but exceptionally effective, program has become."

In the last three years, UK and U.S. programs have received a number of national and international awards, including the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, the JEMS' "EMS 10" award and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Governor’s Transportation Safety Award for Motorcycling. In July 2012, Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell formally presented the 200,000th US Rider Alert card back to the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club during a trade visit to London.

Charting the international growth in the safety program Lawrence added, "Globally the program exists in the UK as CRASH Card, in Sweden as the SMC Medical Card and in the U.S. as Rider Alert. Collectively we have produced 750,000 cards to place in riders' helmets, which will ultimately help the medical community render assistance to downed riders in their moment of need."

About Rider Alert

The Rider Alert motorcycle safety program distributes free identification data cards that help first responders to provide rapid and accurate medical assistance to motorcyclists involved in serious accidents. Launched by the Richmond Ambulance Authority, Bon Secours Virginia Health System and Motorcycle Virginia in April 2011, Rider Alert is the first program of its kind in the United States. The Rider Alert card is placed inside a rider’s helmet and contains vital life-saving information, emergency contacts and important medical history. When first responders arrive on the scene of a motorcycle accident, a sticker on the outside of the helmet will indicate that the biker has a Rider Alert card. The sticker also warns bystanders not to remove the helmet, which could cause further injury.

Rider Alert programs are now operated, courtesy of generous sponsorship, in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, please visit www.rideralert.org or visit Rider Alert on Facebook.

Visit the FIM Web page covering the award at http://www.fim-live.com/en/fim-gala/2012/fim-road-safety-award/.