Michigan Ambulance Crew Member Charged with DUI

A Michigan man was arrested for driving an ambulance while under the influence.

Police received complaints about the ambulance being operated erratically, and met up with the crew at Ostego Memorial Hospital, according to UpNorthLive.com.

Daniel Albrecht, 28, was behind the wheel of the Tri-Township Ambulance that was transporting a wreck victim and a young child to the hospital.

Gaylord Police officers determined Albrecht had been drinking and arrested him on the spot, the station reported.

"In my 18 years in law enforcement I haven't personally seen anything like this or even heard of anything like this,"  Gaylord Police Chief Brett McVannel told reporters.

The chief added: "It just goes to show that alcohol does truly encourage making poor decisions and as any public safety, we rely on these people to take care of our family and friends. When you make poor decisions like this case, it puts people's lives in danger."

Albrecht was arrested for operating while intoxicated and child endangerment. He was taken to the Otsego County Jail where he posted bail.

The company issued the following statement: "Tri-Township Ambulance Service will remain providing excellent ambulance service to the community hospitals and patients and we will continue to remain commited to the health, safety and well-being of their patients and personnel."