Number of EMS Projects in the Works


As the new year begins, there are several EMS projects gaining momentum.

Officials in 38 states are now submitting pertinent EMS data into the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS).

“The quality of data continues to improve. We’re pleased with the number of states participating,” said Drew Dawson, NHTSA EMS Director.

 Data will be used as officials work to develop evidence-based guidelines.

Dawson said he's happy with the number of states participating, and is encouraged that others are working on joining.

Watch webinar on NEMSIS.

In an unrelated issue, two projects have been awarded to National Association of EMS Officials (NAEMSO). The organization was selected following a competitive bid process.

One project involves them establishing national model EMS guidelines which he said is the natural interim step. This assist states for the next phase when the country moves toward evidence-based protocols.

 The state medical directors’ group also will be developing a model interstate compact that officials can modify to help solve problems. Through data and networking, EMS officials often find that people in other states are experiencing the same issues.

Dawson said he and his staff are pleased that the group is working on the projects.

On another front, NEMSAC members have been busy working on a number of issues. The next public is set for Jan. 29-30 in Washington, D.C.

 Dawson said he and his staff are pleased to be working with knowledgeable stakeholders from across the country.

 “We’re fortunate to have the caliber of people who show such a genuine interest in the projects,” Dawson said during a recent interview.