Responder Driving N.J. Ambulance Killed in Crash Leaving Fire

A New Jersey responder, who died behind the wheel of an ambulance early Tuesday morning, felt something wasn't right.

William Martin, of Stillwater, was driving a patient to a landing zone from a deadly house fire when he was stricken, according to

Stillwater Emergency Rescue Squad Capt. Michele Hess told reporters Martin felt something was wrong and tried to stop the ambulance.

“Even in his last minutes, he was trying to save everybody else,” Hess said. “He died doing what he loved.”

The patient, John Baer, and ambulance crew members survived, and were taken to a hospital in another ambulance. 

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Ironcally, it wasn't Baer's first brush with fire.

In 2003, the former propane-truck driver who triggered an enormous propane fire at the Able Energy Inc. facility in Newton which caused an evacuation of 1,000 people. No serious injuries were reported.

The rescue squad was mourning the loss of their longtime volunteer. “He was an awesome guy – and he loved what he did,” Hess said.

A prepared statement from the squad said: "His long standing dedication and commitment will forever remain an inspiration for all who follow in his footsteps..."