N.H. Pair Charged for Impersonating EMTs

N.H. Pair Charged for Impersonating EMTs

News Jan 09, 2013

NELSON -- Two people accused of impersonating EMTs at emergency scenes and making false claims about their certifications to the town of Nelson are headed to trial this spring.

Susan Andrews, 38, and Joseph Andrews, 32, of Nelson, are each charged with a count each of unsworn falsification and prohibited acts.

Susan Andrews also faces four additional charges of prohibited acts.

Susan and Joseph Andrews filed claims with the town of Nelson on June 28 that said they were licensed and state-certified basic EMTs, according to complaints filed in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene by Nelson Police Chief Richard Pratt.

But the two were not, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors said Monday they do not know if the Andrewses have ever been certified EMTs at the rank they said they were or if they've ever been certified.

The Andrewses were not found in a search of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Police would not say if either one was affiliated with a rescue agency.

On April 16, Susan and Joseph Andrews went to the scene of an emergency on Center Pond Road in Nelson where they acted like and said they were licensed EMTs, court documents say.

Police would not say whether either person treated the patient because they are still reviewing the evidence, they said.

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On June 15, Susan Andrews went to the scene of a cardiac emergency on Murdough Hill Road in Nelson, according to complaints. There she told a patient and the patient's husband that she was an EMT and provided care to the patient, according to the criminal complaints.

She also told a DiLuzio Ambulance paramedic at the scene that she was an EMT, according to the documents. Police would not say what kind of care she allegedly provided.

Also on June 15, Susan Andrews went to a fatal motor vehicle crash on Route 9 in Nelson where she acted as an EMT, according to the criminal complaints. Police would not say if she treated anyone.

In Stoddard on an unspecified date, Susan Andrews responded to the scene of a mutual aid rescue call, where she stated she was an EMT and provided care to a female patient by removing an impaled Epi-pen needle from her body, according to the criminal complaints.

Both Susan Andrews and Joseph Andrews were released on personal recognizance. A trial is scheduled for each on May 16 in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene.

Police and prosecutors declined to provide any further information because they said evidence in the case is still being reviewed.

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