Detroit EMS Responder Reportedly Assaulted by Patient

Detroit EMS Responder Reportedly Assaulted by Patient

News Jan 18, 2013

Two Detroit EMS crews called for help this week wound up also calling for help.

On Wednesday night, one provider barricaded himself in a patient's bedroom after things went south, according to WJBK.

The ambulance crew was called to the residence by a man who believed he was having an allergic reaction to medication. When they told him they couldn't take him to his doctor's office, the patient became agitated, the station reported.

"They weren't assaulted. They assaulted us," Robert Murphy, the patient's brother told reporters. "I mean, this is our house. We live here..."

The altercation escalated when he wouldn't sign the refusal, and patient ordered them out of his house. Instead, the EMS provider ran into the bedroom and tried to keep the door closed.

While holding the door closed, he called police.

The reporter said he could see footprints on the door where the paramedic apparently tried to keep his alleged aggressor out for as long as he could.

When the door flung open, a fight broke out. Minutes later, officers arrived and placed the patient under arrest for assault and batteryon a city employee, the station reported.

"He [is] in jail now when he didn't do [anything]. The man [lives] here. I mean, you can't protect your own house?" Murphy said.

Police also are investigating another alleged assault against an EMS worker the same night that involved a gun.

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