N.Y. Woman Dies After Being Found in Snow

Jan. 29--Lockport police on Monday identified the woman who died at Eastern Niagara Hospital-Lockport Saturday after she was found barely alive in a snowbank off Davison Road as Dawn M. Jehrio, 43.

The investigation remains pending following an autopsy that was performed Monday at Erie County Medical Center.

Lockport Police Detective Captain Rick Podgers said the medical examiners were leaning toward hypothermia as the cause of death but they will await the results of blood work before making an official determination.

"It could take several weeks" for the results to come back, Podgers said. "There were no obvious signs of injury that would cause death."

Police continue to look into the last few hours of Jehrio's life. She was discovered around 6:20 a.m. Saturday on the grounds of the former Niagara County Social Services building by a passer-by and had last been seen around 10:30 p.m. Friday after she had visited a patient at the hospital.

"At one point, family members were making phone calls in an attempt to find her," Podgers said.

The Social Services building sits only a few hundred feet from Jehrio's Bonner Drive home.

Jehrio's body temperature was very low when she was discovered and efforts by emergency room personnel at EHN-Lockport to raise her temperature and keep her alive were in vain.

Podgers said Jehrio's core temperature suggests she had been outside for several hours.