'Glitch' Delays Ambulance Dispatch to Dying Fla. Man

Florida emergency officials admit that due to a glitch an ambulance was not dispatched for a man in respiratory distress who later died.

Charles Minard told reporters at a Naples TV station Wednesday that his 25-year-old son, Chaz, was gasping and alive when he dialed 911 on Dec. 14.

When he pressed the 911 dispatcher about the ambulance during questioning, he said he was reassurred the EMS crew was on the way. It wasn't.

When the family heard vehicles pull up, they soon discovered there was no ambulance. It was Collier County deputies and firefighters.

Six minutes had passed. Their son was in cardiac arrest.

Minard said paramedics stationed nearby heard the call over the radio, and responded on their own. It took 12 minutes to get an ambulance to his son.

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