N.Y. Chief Not Amused by Firefighters' Snow Antics on TV


It was a snowy night in Hudson, N.Y.

Volunteer firefighters were standing by at their fire station.

A local TV news crew chose that spot for a live shot. But, they apparently got more than expected, according to WRGB.

Firefighters took turns being towed down the snowy street holding onto a rope tied to an SUV. They were filmed by the TV crew, and it was on the local news Friday night.

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Viewers who watched the video contacted the station voicing concern.

Laughs can be heard as the video is shot. But, the mayor and fire chief aren’t laughing, reporters say.

The fire chief issued a statement: “That's a sight that will never be seen again on Warren Street..." and that they are dealing with it internally.

The station also noted in the follow-up article: “It was a hot topic on Facebook, after being posted for 35 minutes there were one hundred ninety three comments. 80% of the comments said - who cares.”