Dirty Laundry Spread Across California Highway

Dirty Laundry Spread Across California Highway

News Feb 16, 2013

Feb. 16--A big-rig accident on Friday morning closed a portion of Highway 70 north of Marysville for several hours, leaving a downed power pole and a load of laundry on the road.

The California Highway Patrol said Pablo R. Manandeg, 46, of Sacramento was driving a 2012 Penske Tractor south on 70 near Old State Highway about 5:20 a.m. when he fell asleep at the wheel.

When he realized he had drifted onto the shoulder, Manandeg tried to steer back onto the highway, causing his trailer to jackknife behind him and clip a power pole on the right shoulder of northbound Highway 70. The trailer continued to jackknife and caused both it and the truck to overturn, partially blocking the southbound lane and the shoulder.

The trailer's contents, a load of dirty laundry from a Chico hospital, spilled on to the road, and because the power pole was knocked down, the CHP chose to close the highway. Officers determined the laundry did not constitute a biohazard.

Manandeg was taken by ambulance to Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville with cuts on his head and arm. CHP officers rerouted northbound traffic at Ramirez Road and southbound traffic at Lower Honcut Road.

According to a CHP press release, drugs and alcohol did not appear to have played a factor in the accident.

The highway reopened about 1 p.m.

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