How EMS Can Recognize and Report Elder Abuse

How EMS Can Recognize and Report Elder Abuse

News Jun 13, 2017

The United Nations has declared June 15 "World Elder Abuse Awareness Day." EMS providers are in a unique position to help neglected elderly patients who they encounter on calls, which could be 1 out of 10 American patients according to statistics.

Elder abuse often does not get reported, which a 2016 study indicates is due to the fact that most of the abuse occurs in emergency department or other healthcare settings. These patients experience physical, emotional and verbal abuse. These situations are worsened when hospitals are understaffed and caregivers experience burnout, unable to administer proper treatment to all of the elderly patients.

EMS personnel can play a critical part in stopping elder abuse by learning how to recognize red flags provided by The Merck Manuals.  


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