Succession Planning

Succession Planning

By John Erich Jun 19, 2017
  • Leverage your team: Gather current leaders together to provide input on the most critical competencies, skills and attributes of successors. Set aside time for meetings where succession planning is the only focus. Devise a rating scale so potential candidates can be reviewed objectively.
  • Great leaders are created, not born. Make sure potential successors, especially those who are new supervisors, have access to general management training so they “get it right the first time.” Mentoring programs are also beneficial for providing extra coaching to accelerate learning.
  • Communicate with your high-potentials. While it’s not wise to promise anything, successors should know what they’re being groomed for and why you’re encouraging development in specific areas. Tapping someone to be a successor should not come out of left field.

—Alexandra Levit, Open Forum, Succession Planning: 6 Tips for Passing the Torch

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