For safety, create a culture where people aren't afraid to speak up.
A leading failure in virtually every disaster is communications. How can we do better?
This week's topics: distraction, task saturation, situational awareness, vigilance and human factors.
When things go wrong: Establishing a self-reporting culture
In the fourth installment, hosts Rob Lawrence and Dave Page focus on vehicle safety
In the third installment, hosts Rob Lawrence and Dave Page continue the discussion and introduce the EMS Forward program created by the Center for Patient Safety
How to develop strategies to ensure non-punitive resolution to issues as they present themselves
Delivery of EMS and trauma services in South Africa
Real-world examples of challenges in EMS around the implementation of crew resource management
Virginia Commonwealth University Trauma Surgeon Dr. Paula Ferrada talks ultrasound
This episode is the final report from this year's Gathering of Eagles, which took place in Dallas in February
Discussion centers on the deepening public health crisis that caused over 30,000 deaths last year
Politics impact EMS at both the local and national levels, and it pays to know whom your elected officials are.
In this episode, host Chris Cebollero talks to Gary Ludwig about his new book on mismanagement
30 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease in the U.S.