EMS 2020: A Vision for the Future

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It’s a time of great transition in EMS, and everything from the vehicles we drive to the equipment we use and how we care for patients and get paid seems due for big changes. What won’t change is the imperative for safety—for providers, their patients and the general public. It must remain at the forefront of everything we do, and be an integral component of any evolving systems or new ways of doing things.

In coming months EMS World will offer EMS 2020, a multimedia guidebook to what EMS will look like in the near future and how we can ensure the safety and well-being of our stakeholders as we get there. In exclusive print and online bonus content, EMS 2020 will offer experts’ views and insights into current safety issues, the changes we need to embrace and what a safer new world might ultimately encompass. EMS World’s experienced editorial and design teams will work with leaders from across the industry and beyond to distill the best wisdom and smartest practices that can benefit EMS professionals and those they help.

In this special introductory podcast, hosted by EMS Chief and EMS World Editorial Advisory Board Member Chris Cebollero, the EMS World editorial team—Publisher Scott Cravens, Editorial Director Nancy Perry and Associate Editor John Erich—discuss the importance of the project and preview its coming content.

EMS 2020 begins with the January 2013 issue of EMS World Magazine. Don’t miss it. Register now to make sure you are part of the dialogue.